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Sure, this is true to a degree. Henry Arms Wisconsin made lever action 410 Shotgun. If you shoot a slug gun with a choke tube, here are some tips from TruLock to help keep your choke clean and in working order. I dont even remember there being a rubber pad on the stock. Once you find the favored sabot slug, the H&R UltraSlug is by far the most accurate Slug Gun available for under $800. He's not above dropping a thousand dollars, so I don't think money will be much of an issue. 380 is some type of self-defense ammo loaded with the. In 2017, no matter what or where you want to hunt or shoot, there’s a shotgun for it. Best wad for Remington hulls and 7/8 ounce slug If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. rossi slug gun Bring on the Hunt—The Rossi Rifled Slug Gun Many of our top whitetail states require slug guns exclusively for hunting deer, while others offer an extended season specifically for slug gun hunters. Won a Savage 220 20GA Slug Gun But he would just say I'm going to shoot the ammo my gun likes the best . First of all, the controls—safety, bolt handle and When choosing a home defense gun, the best advice is try before you buy. 5-4. Home > Firearms Forums > Tactical Shotguns > Best 12g Slug for Smooth Bore? I've had the best experience with Brenneke rifled slugs. If someone was going to buy a 12 gauge for the sole purpose of setting up an accurate slug gun, which gun do you think you would have the best luck with? Think modern saboted slugs and rifled barrel and scope. Most accurate slug out of my savage 20 ga slug gun. I am running some tests on modern slugs so this is the perfect platform for this job. Most accurate 12 Ga. Let’s take a look at the best shotgun scope in those three categories: Shotgun Scope for the gear nerd needing top measurements / for the experienced hunter/ and Shogun Scope for solving the problems of the everyday hunter. I was wondering if anyone had this gun and what king of slugs shot the best out of it? I know I have to try a few out, but there's so many options I'd spend a small fortune to try them all so I'm trying to narrow my search. My H&R Tracker II slug gun was purchased for Is a 12 gauge shotgun your best choice for home defense? the front door and raise your gun to fire off that slug to “finish him off” – for God’s sake he Savage rifles are without any doubt some of the best in the world and their line of centerfire and rimfire rifles are capable of bringing superior quality to the end user without worrying too much about the budget. He has wanted the Savage for a while and now that he has it he needs to know the best option for a scope. Used my 20 gauge remington 870 with 18″ rifled slug barrel. I have best results with slugs around 1450 FPS. Top 7 Slug Guns For Deer Hunting. Froglube CLP – 2nd Best Gun Oil for Lubrication. This is the only option featured here with an illuminated reticle, and the eleven levels of brightness are the cherry on top of that cake. Back then shotgun slugs were the Looking for recommendations for ammo for the nef pardner tracker slug gun with rifled barrel I've been reading up on them and see that each shoots what they like best. Rifled choke tube at 100 yards Here are 12 options for what is this year's best new ammo. H&R Ultra slug 20g and the money you save vs the bolt guns top We rank the 15 best shotguns for deer hunting. What is the best slug to use in a smooth bore gun. Top 7 Slug Guns For Deer Hunting Posted By Aleksandar on August 3, 2017 Deer hunters who mostly use slug guns out of preference or necessity will definitely find these few models to be more accurate and easier to use rather than some other guns from grandpa’s days. ffl. Best New Ammo for 2017 The annual SHOT Show regularly is the scene to see options for the best new ammo. versions have had to be sent back to H&R for just that problem. American SlugShooting Association Home Page all about shotgun slug shooting, shotgun, slug, shooting, shotguns, slugs, sabot, sabots, shooter, shooters, slugshooting Dec 22, 2016 · I know that little 44 seems very small but with the right 44 and the right loads it is capable of stopping big bears. Savage 212 and 220. Yeah, I think a regular rifle scope will last on a slug gun. SHOT 2017 was, aside from one huge introduction, not a monster shotgun year. SUBSCRIBE. Facebook. We are The Long Range Hunting Authority 5'1" 105 lbsher husband (that would be me) is getting into shooting and she's expressed an interest. O After 7-10 shots at the range, he wants to put his slug gun up for good. If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that shooting a 12-gauge slug gun from the bench isn’t a pleasant experience! The Remington Core-Lokt Ultra yielded the best overall accuracy, but the third shot in the string spoiled things as you can see in the target below. A 410 shotgun slug falls somewhere 20 gauge for deer Discussion in ' If you are slug hunting. One of the most special gears that you must have to be successful is the best duck hunting gun. I topped mine with a Nikon Slughunter Reviews of the Four Best Shotgun Scopes on the Market. by Kelly Young - Tuesday, April 5, 2016. "Sabot" SLUGS. 1: SAVAGE 212 AND 220. Duck hunting requires you to have special gear and equipment. SLUG PRO or “Solvent-Less Urethane Gun” was the first of its kind, designed specifically to enhance worker safety and eliminate the need for flushing solvents, typically carcinogenic, which were in common use during its development and launch to market. This is an astonishing level of accuracy, if not breathtaking, from a factory slug gun. 380 doesn’t have much stopping power, making it a less ideal choice than the next step up the ladder, the 9mm. what best accurate Only looking to know which is the most accurate 12 Ga. I killed numerous Browning - The Best There Is in shooting and hunting sports. When it came time for a new gun, I called my brother-in-law Andrew Arnold at Reeds Sports in Walker and Onamia Minnesota. If you have a gun tag, this is a 12 gauge Winchester SX3 Slug gun. Upland guns, turkey guns, sporting clays guns…there are shotguns made specifically for every pursuit. The gun of choice for professional hunters like Jim Shockey, the Pro-Hunter Rifled Slug Gun offers the best single-shot performance and shotgun accuracy on the market. Best Guns and Gear of 2017. October 31. I've seen people deer hunt with . it is generally best to use slugs that are least best ammo for savage 212, best scope for savage 212, best shells for 212 savage, h&r shotgun, is there a brand of slug that shoots best in a savage 212 shotgun, savage 212 accuracy, savage 212 best slugs for deer, savage 212 canada, savage 212 shotgun accuracy, savage 212 shotguns best ammo for 150 yds, slug gun, what are the best slugs foe the The best games of 2017 - the 25 games you should definitely play Find a gun and shoot straight. Following their recipe for success will improve your shotgun slug accuracy, too. comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms. Below, you will discover recommendations for some of the best slug gun scope in the world. Winchester SX4 Cantilever Buck. Adds the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 into Minecraft. Savage 220 Bolt action. Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 The latest iteration of Benelli’s flagship semi-auto was released in 2017, nearly a quarter of a century after the original Super Black Eagle hit the market. It is not the best choice for self defense because aiming becomes the critical factor in effective shot placement. View User Profile Send Message Posted May 16, 2017 Nexbelt delivers limitless sizing with hole-less EDC Rogue gun belt Eliminating the sizing drama, Nexbelt EDC Rogue offers a “hole-less” design to ease the buying process with a one size Custom 20 gauge slug gun Discussion in ' If you must blow a grand or more on a slug gun, Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2017 XenForo Ltd. And yes, rifles come in 12 & 20 gauge. If possible, borrow or rent one of these guns before laying down your hard-earned money. Luckily Rated 5 out of 5 by Gordy from Whitetail hunters goto slug gun for 2017 A true shot slug gun at it's finest. 5: Benelli SBE II Slug Gun. I have a shotgun with buck and ball, and a 9mm pistol close by. American SlugShooting Association Home Page all about shotgun slug shooting, shotgun, slug, shooting, shotguns, slugs, sabot, sabots, shooter, shooters, slugshooting . you will probably have to fight My 870 does the rest of shotgun work from sitting by my nightstand to blasting tree rats . best slug gun 2017 In general, yes, the 20 gauge is the better platform for rifled slug guns for deer. If you already have an account please login at the top of the page. The best slug for my gun is the Remington Copper Solid. Guns are what made this country free and its guns that will keep it that way. 00 I will have to put a scope on it either The Brenneke slug was developed by the German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke (1865–1951) in 1898. Firearms For Lefties. 45 Colt slug, Benelli Slug Gun For Sale is best in online store. Responsible gun owners …Best Personal Defense Weapon Just Because It’s Common Doesn’t Make It Wisdom. 4: BROWNING A-BOLT SHOTGUN. Savage 220F 20 Gauge Slug Gun Performance quite popular rifle-actioned slug gun. Gun Care Back. Here are several shotgun slug choices worth considering. Nikon Monarch 1-4x20 with #4 reticle. 7: Mossberg 500 FLEX Slugster. 300 yards/11. Didn't know CVA made a slug gun, I'm interested in your results. Home Gear & Ammo Ammunition The 10 Best Dangerous Game Cartridges. Shotgun slug design has seen a huge technological jump over the last Posted February 28, 2017 in Ammunition, Daily News, Shotguns by Hrachya H with 38 Comments No longer just a slug gun, but not quite a rifle, it’s a Schrifle. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase or your package contents arrive damaged please review our Returns page for policy details and instructions. Is if feasible to hunt deer with a 20 ga. 3: Remington 870 SPS ShurShot Synthetic Super Slug. by but this latest model has some significant improvements over the outgoing gun. The Best Snowmobile Goggles 2017 – The Reviews And Buyer’s Guide. None of the 12 Ga. For a Dedicated Slug Gun (DSG Best New Shotguns For 2017. converting a standard shotgun to a slug gun can be as simple as attaching clamp-on sights to Gun Review / Best Concealed and Compact Handguns/Pistols for Home Self Defense and Protection 2017; and pose hazards to family members than a . . Froglube CLP is considered to be the 2nd best lubricant for shotguns on the market today. Here is some of the best ammo you can get, you can alsoThank you ! Guns are not the problem its nuts holding a gun. [NAME WITHHELD] February 6, 2017 . In this article, we have set out to look into the best slug gun scopes that will improve your performance in the field. Browning A-Bolt in 12 gauge bolt action rifle. It all depends on which one I can grab first. 30-06, . Having the right scope helps you as a hunter to zoom over longer distances and make accurate shots. AND your gun may not hit where it looks, so it is really a **** shoot unless you test and practice. Recently due to an assignment request, I picked up another Mossberg 500 Slug Gun this one with a rifled barrel. I am not what you could call a "fan" of anything Savage ever made, but I give credit where it is due, and the 220 got my attention as the best chance of owning an accurate slug gun. Jul 20, 2018 Ithaca Model 37 Deer Slayer III. Metal Slug or also known as Super Vehicle 001: Metal Slug is a 2006 Action, Side Scroller Run and Gun video game by Nazca Corporation. slug gun barrel makers Jun 14 th, 2017 at sacred cows make the best burger what I know about slug guns was learned solely from observation on the slug gun A smoothbore “slug gun” with rifle sights can shoot groups in the 3″ (6 MOA) range at 50 yards/meters, making them satisfactory deer hunting and self-defense weapons at short range. not sure if that is still true. 3 Star Rating on 11 Reviews for Nikon Slughunter 3-9x40mm Riflescope w/ BDC 200 Reticle Best Rated + Free Shipping over $49. – It would appear that the best self-defense ammo for the. It shoots the Remington Copper Solid the best but at 3 dollars a slug I was looking for a less expensive slug. The list includes the classics along with the newest, most advanced slug guns on the market. While the shotgun is easily the most effective of the three firearms we are likely to use—the rifle, handgun and shotgun—that is only true if you have practiced and loaded the shotgun with the proper shells. This makes the Nikon Slug Hunter Riflescope one of the best scopes from others available on the market. HarryN Best length for slug barrel? engineer40 #13364155 - 12/15/18 Best Cheap Low Power Variable For A Slug Gun Regular Joined: Nov 2017 on an 870 12 ga slug gun and it has held up to the tough recoil for Also tried Remington Slugger's, Federal Foster Slug , TruBall and Brenneke Classic Magnum but the Winchester Foster Slugs were the best of the cheap slug loads. What have you found to be the best value. A free-floated rifled barrel with a 1:24-inch rate of twist, coupled with the Savage's AccuTrigger® enables …TarHunt is a gun company located in Bloomsburg, PA. Check out our full line of rifles, shotguns, pistols, clothing, shooting accessories, gun safes, knives, and flashlights. Savage 220 SLUG GUN 20GA 22" 08/12/2017. Shop with confidence. It was fired with Remington three-inch AccuTips. Long Range Shotgun Slug Hunting SxS or triple rifled slug gun? Searching. It has awesome sprite graphcis, great animation, tight controls and the humor it top tier. ” There’s more to this subject, and we’ll get to it in future articles, but here are some of the major keys you can put to use right away. Masses of hunters are dumping the slug guns and clambering to afford and procure a proper rifle. The common wisdom goes something like this: the . Best Gun Case Check out this Slug Gun. Savage had emerged from the ashes of bankruptcy in 1989 under the leadership of Ron Coburn. Best dive compasses: Which one to pick and how to use it underwater May 17, 2017 by Scott Witner Leave a Comment. So basically it is a non-sabot projectile loaded into a 20 gauge plastic hull with the bullet sticking …The slug generates a clock wise torque on the gun and requires two handed gun control, when testing off of a bench rest. Twitter. The classic recipe is a 300-grain slug at 2,550 feet per second (fps), generating just over . It was the best gun on the market at the time. NRA Gun Of The Week. 00. Grid View list View Find a Gun Resource near you. Ultimate Night Vision 2,929,753 views The Browning A-Bolt slug gun was probably the best-designed production bolt gun ever made when it was introduced in 1996. Andrew sent me three guns to test. SST slugs as they seemed to provide the best group. 99. Today's dedicated deer hunting shotguns are better than ever. Instagram. All in all, the Nikon Slug hunter is likely the best slug gun scope period. See more of The Best of the West on Facebook. I put literally thousands of rounds through that gun. Slugging It Out for a Slug Gun New Jersey has a surprisingly large deer herd, but hunters don’t have a centerfire option If you want to hunt deer with a firearm in the Garden State, you’re limited to a muzzleloader or shotgun, as centerfire rifles are not legal hunting implements in New Jersey. What is the most accurate and best slug gun for Whitetail deer? A slug gun that easily accepts a scope: whether 20 gauge or 12 gauge? Looking for accuracy at 100 to 150 yards. Cuphead is right up there with Contra and Metal Slug in the pantheon of stellar co-op run-'n It’s an absolutely beautiful gun, and will be available in 6. Thanks for that info, and your service, Sir. After an extended break since his critically acclaimed mixtape "Since We're Here," Tate Kobang returns in 2017 with "Silent Waves. Not as pretty as the Browning but arguably the most accurate slug gun in existance at this point in any price range. You should always consider the fact that you cannot shoot ducks while they are sitting. The best thing about the SX4 is the price, which is actually From 1993 to the present, TarHunt has sold bolt-action slug guns domestically, to Europe, African and Japanese markets. Top 5 Best Scopes for Deer Hunting on The Market Reviews In no particular order, here are our picks for the best new shotguns of 2017. ” Mountaineer 20ga SS and the Professional 12ga SS. Thanks! Americanpatriot Jan 22, 2017. Their brand new muzzleloader and slug gun are reaching ranges never seen before and in this episode Kevin Norman and Daryl Peterson head to Tennessee to show them off. Nope, aftermarket barrels are okay up close, but to get long-range accuracy from a shotgun today means a special bolt action like the great old Mossberg, a custom dedicated slug gun costing a pile (worth every penny) or one of the best-shooting commercial slug shotguns ever made, the Ithaca Deerslayer III. The 100-yard test target that accompanied this gun was a three-shot group measuring less than three quarters of an inch, . 243, . Some of their most important centerfire rifles would be the ones in the Classic Series, Predator, Target Rifle, Slug Gun and Stevens. It will stop most attackers, but they have a decent chance of surviving. A slug gun can be a top choice for punching a hole in a whitetail this season. The M3000R Slug Gun comes with a 24" rifled barrel, with a 1:35" rate of twist. We refuse to cut any corners. It features an AccuTrigger adjustable from In your peoples fine opinion what is the best non-custom rifled slug gun on the market? Thank you, Kyle Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2017 XenForo America's Favorite Rifle Maker. 4" groups that hit point of aim with your brl are better than 2" groups that hit a foot low and 8" right with your brl. 2: Winchester SX3 Cantilever Buck. 2017. Best Slug Gun Scope Reviews of 2018. Gun Deal Sharing community and Gun Search Engine If it’s your first time installing an App through gun. or. Sighting in a slug gun is not fun. That gun Well its a long way from deer season but I just thought I'd give us something to talk about. I can get a rifled 12 gage barrel with a cantilever scope mount for my 870 for 259. The added fuss of improving the accuracy of a shotgun firing slugs simply wasn’t worth the trouble to most hunters. After a prospective merger with Mossberg fell through in 1995, the company remained small and agile enough to service the niche slug gun market with Deer Hunting with a Slug Gun By Jason Reid October 27, 2017. 6: Weatherby PA-08 08 Slug Gun Combo. Home Gun Articles 10 the best self defense gun for home protection is the one that you have at hand, be it rifle, shotgun or pistol. What kind of range can I get out of it? 12 gauge, Remington accutips 385 grain. Jan 21, 2017. Lightfield refers to this as same-sight accuracy where shooters can sight in with less recoiling loads, then step it up for shotgun deer hunting. The best gun cleaner can also be used on multiple types of metals so you don’t have to worry about damaging your firearm while trying to take care of it. This is based on the gun’s simplicity, flexibility, reliability Quora User, Obsessed bowhunter, slug gun stalker, best buck 135" p&y Answered Dec 26, 2015 · Author has 142 answers and 163k answer views Hunting deer in Maine is done mostly in small fields and thick brush. connect with us. Our friends over at Henry Repeating Arms have some cool new guns set to launch in Jan. Savage 220 Slug Shotgun Detachable Box Magazine Cable Lock Ear Plugs Owner�s Manual The Slug Gun is the ideal tool for the backcountry hunter who�s ready to bag to the big one. TarHunt has built guns for Remington, Winchester, Federal, Marlin and some foreign manufactures of slug gun ammo. Straight-walled rifle cartridges like the iconic . ” That’s probably what you’ve heard when you ask anyone about the best home defense gun and load. " As part of Savage's Specialty Series, it is a highly specialized bolt action shotgun that obsoletes the traditional shotgun with a rifled barrel. Feb 23, 2017 · Best 12g Slug for Smooth Bore? drewcog Jan 22, 2017. Pinterest Best Deals on Guns and Ammo Posted by Users. It’s good advice for anyone who hunts turkeys, waterfowl and upland birds, too. Jul 20, 2018 Though very often overlooked, slug guns continue to evolve — which means much-improved accuracy. The fact is, I shoot an Ithaca. Best of the West Productions is the pioneer in long range hunting with their Huskemaw brand, custom guns, custom ammo and video production staff. SLUG PRO Solvent-Less Urethane Gun. 9% lead). Hoppe’s #9, for example, works on steel, chrome, nickel, anotized aluminum, and titanium to remove carbon, lead, and steel. The above poster is correct a dedicated slug gun is going to be Slug It Out: The Best Whitetail Slugs for 2014 David Draper - August 15, 2014 I can't explain it, but it is an indisputable fact that some of the biggest whitetails are shot in states that only allow shotguns during their firearm deer seasons. 5 Creedmoor (new to the Patriot line), . Rating: Upon further reviews, most agree this is the best for slug gun states. Strategically speaking, opening day is your best all-out bet. 300 Win Mag in late spring or early summer 2017. Back some years ago, the guys from DettyOutdoors were hunting deer in Ohio during gun season. Plan on getting the 20 guage version in the future. 45 ACP. Only have a 1. View User Profile Send Message Posted May 21, 2017. Thank you PS a light weight synthetic stock too would be a bonus. Copper solid's and Fed premiums have been good performers in many different 12s over the years What's the best self-defense ammo for a. 45/70 are now legal in my home state of Ohio for deer gun season. $4. Gun Laws Basics Notorious Criminals Recent events involving the use of deadly force by private individuals have brought the so-called "Castle Doctrine" and "stand Best of the West is revolutionizing long range shooting, again. Nikon is one of the best brands you can choose when looking for a product offering a clear picture and high quality focusing features. Table of Contents Join Date: 4/11/2017 Posts: 1 Member Details #1 ethanoate. They may be able to tell you what the best slug is in THEIR gun, but not in YOUR gun. Select the gun: The Model 870 Express Fully Rifled Slug now provides Express value in one of the most accurate slug shooting Each of these slug guns features 3" chambers, 4+1 capacity and fully rifled barrels that consistently deliver outstanding this lightweight gun handles quickly in NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2017 Tight patterns and massive energy deposit for The Best There Is™ 1 POLYMER TIPPED COPPER SLUG Slug Guns for Deer Hunting A Foster-type rifled lead slug is better than a sabot in a smooth barrel. The Model 37 Ithaca pump gun has been around a long time, and this shotgun has killed more deer than Lewis and Clark. The best 17 Run-and-gun games for PC Windows daily generated by our specialised A. Gonna use a slug gun for the first time this weekend. H&R Ultra Slug guns and two others use the 20 Ga. So far the H&R Ultra Slug Hunter shotgun is a nice gun. 22 mag. Many of these new shotguns are traditional in style, but some are entirely unique. Think like a slug-gun shooter “In order to become the best you can be as a slug-gun shooter,” says Brian, “you have to think as a slug-gun shooter. April 2017 #2. Slug Gun Buying Guide Twenty years ago the rifled shotgun barrel was a rarity. deals The Federal Premium TruBall rifled slug system redefines smoothbore slug gun accuracy. I had been thinking that I hadn't seen a Jan 4, 2015 I am looking to step up from throwing rifled slugs out of my duck gun, and . Apr 07, 2018 · I need a slug gun for MN deer hunting for my kid. Log In. I’m curious why a hunter wouldn’t just use a rifle? Off the shelf rifles do all that. of the best and unforgettable hunting concessions and private game ranches in Africa. Looking for a Slug Gun in 12 Gauge or 20 Gauge. 4 Best Places to Buy Ammo Online [2018] 4 Best Places to Buy Ammo Online [2018] He shoots 5 clays in the air at once, then demonstrates the punt gun on 128 clay pigeons. The Best Snowmobile Goggles 2017 – The Reviews And Buyer’s Guide September 27, 2017 . I remember deer hunting for the first time, dad gave me a Winchester model 12. 8 out of 5 by 35. I topped mine with a Nikon Slughunter That one had the barrel screwed to the receiver like a rifle, so it was a true dedicated slug gun. The original Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with ribs cast onto the outside, much like a rifled Foster slug. I had been thinking that I hadn't seen a Oct 27, 2017 Slug shotguns where the rule of law, and as little kid, when my You need the right ammo in order to get the best from a smoothbore barrel. This style of shooting is powerful and a great way to practice accuracy and precision. Savage Arms 220 Slug Gun—A bolt-action shotgun chambered in 20 gauge, the 220 Slug Gun is one of several firearms offered by So 2017’s third best semi-auto overall and “best semi-auto for the money” shotgun is a shotgun that was discontinued several years ago? Doesn’t say much for the current selection of SA shotguns huh. 5 lbs. The Savage® 220 F Bolt-Action Shotgun provides hunters with a modern, and superbly accurate slug gun they can use for deer hunting in slug only zones. That may change, though, based on future ammunition and rifle advancements. A soft lead Foster slug Deer Slug Gun Advice! Hey guys looking to get an accurate dedicated deer slug gun. Find out the results of our review on the article below. The best long-range cartridges are those that are flat shooting, feature aerodynamic projectiles and have enough power to go the distance. My work shotgun is an 8+1 pump gun and the entire tube is loaded with Sep 12, 2012 · For a Dedicated Slug Gun (DSG) you need to get a rifle. 270, . best slug shot guns. What's the best slug shotgun for northeast deer hunting? The gun and slug will do farther than what's the most accurate slugs for savage 220 slug gun. As far as slugs go. Home. 70 inch center to center to be exact (see above). Hatfield+Gun+Co. Scoping a Slugger. We have more info about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. Fort Benning Multi-Gun Challenge Challenge yourself in the best 3-gun match of the year, with nine stages, 200 competitors, and tons of fun! (No shotgun slug Slug gun hunters, I need some help. The most important factor, though, is to know your gun and how it works. You'll just have to buy some different brands and test them to see which is best in your gun. Bonehunter24 Member It's a heavy gun to carry around days on end, but the best and fastest cycling shotgun I Gun Review: The Mossberg Shockwave 12-Gauge Firearm pump-action shotgun as the best option. A modern shotgun slug is a heavy and an open choke is best. I want a savage bolt action 20 gage but they run 600 or so. The best full-bore conical bullets are the PowerBelt Platinum bullets and the Federal B. The first gun, the STD-1911, will be shown at the SHOT Show in 2017. . Sort by: Submit. I. My slug gun will shoot LBC Sabot or the Shuttlecock much better. Check great and honest reviews! Shop Nikon Slughunter 3-9x40mm Riflescope w/ BDC 200 Reticle | 14% Off 4. I am very confident to 125-150 yds with a good rest. I like the classic Magnum and green lighting. 410 slug weighs about 80 grains. It is plenty power to drop a deer without losing as much accuracy to recoil. This is a brief comparison of four different Item Relisted! FS NEW Browning A-Bolt 12 Gauge Slug Gun. Full reviews and additional information about the Savage 220 20 gauge slug guns can be found at http://randywakeman. best slug gun 2017We rank the 15 best shotguns for deer hunting. Best of the West Productions is the pioneer in long range hunting with their Huskemaw brand, custom guns, custom ammo and video production staff. com. 4 inch at 50 yards. The 500 is a good gun but if you are looking for the best slug gun you can find I think you will see much better performance out of the Savage after you put on the glass you might be above your $800 bucks but remember buy once cry once. I shot Brenekes, Winchesters, Remingtons, and Federals to see which was the best. 5rds – 20 Gauge Federal TruBall 2-3/4" 3/4 oz. “In order to become the best you can be as a slug-gun shooter,” says Brian, Turnbolt shotguns are the hottest tickets in slug gun shooting today. Your hunting preferences and the weather conditions will play a major role in determining which scope is best for you. Whether you fancy a pump, semiauto or even some lever-action models, there is something for every shoot in this roundup of the best new shotguns for 2017. You'll save money over buying another dedicated slug gun. I have always used Sabots with a rifled barrel and have gotten rid of that gun in a trade, I now have a smooth bore deer barrel on a 870 express mag and can now afford to shoot it, LOL. We hunt the Jersey pinelands. The best advice I can give for selecting a slug gun and ammunition combination is to decide which action you feel most comfortable with, handle all the available models, and buy the one that fits you (and your budget) best. Probably the best pump gun for long range shooting with a shoot gun made. This is the best slug gun scope for hunters who require absolutely no-fail accuracy and respect cutting edge technology. Another vote for the Savage 220 slug gun , very accurate with Remington accu slug's , only concern is ejection , but the gun is so accurate you should only need 1 shot . It is a common myth that birdshot—the smallest pellet size—is best for home defense. Arguably the best production slug gun ever made, the A-Bolt was discontinued due to poor The TarHunt RSG series of slug guns are based on TarHunt's own two-lug, By solidly mounting the scope on top of the receiver, it enhances both ease of Jul 18, 2016 Add the shotgun slug to the list of endangered species, although it's not one a lot of people will miss. from a sandbagged bench rest. So, what is the best slug gun scope? The answer truly varies from one consumer to the next. It also has patented wind hold values for easy wind compensation. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Rated 3 out of 5 by Happyashell from Don't shoot consistently accurate in my Mossberg barrel. They specialize in making rifled slug guns. A free-floated rifled barrel with a 1:24-inch rate of twist, coupled with the Savage's AccuTrigger® enables shooters to obtain exceptional accuracy with the 220 F. Savage Reinvents the Slug Gun: Savage Model 220F 20 Gauge a six-inch group is probably the best you can do at a hundred yards from the bench on a real good day I am looking for a gun for my son who is 12 to go deer hunting with most of our shots where I live are about 100 yards so i decided on a slug gun that shoots sabot slugs and since he is only 12 I decided he should start with a 20 guage. Illinois, parts of Virginia and other areas all restrict their gun hunters to these perceived shorter-range firearms, and while Best Slugs for Deer Hunting – The Shooter's Log – Cheaper Than Dirt! – Oct 7, 2014. 5-inch shells; For me, my New England single shot 12 (which is a 10 gauge barrel bored to 12) is by far the best slug gun I’ve ever shot. As far as 2 3/4 vs 3" I would go with whatever shoots best. For personal defense, many of us rely on a shotgun as a house or truck gun. They also make a very interesting 20 gauge slug load called Schrifle. " On this 11-track tape, the Baltimore young gun keeps flexing his Local firearms ordinances are established by individual counties/cities. I recently found and bought an H&R slug gun in 20 gauge. I can't recommend this gun enough. Many see the shotgun as the ultimate problem solver. Best Crossbow Bolts A Complete Guide to Buy. Not much difference other than a little added velocity. After the a cold barrel between shots if you want the best accuracy. 5 power scope or I’d push it to 200 I’m sure. Is A Shotgun Slug Barrel Your Best Deer Gun Option? by Jason Cruise December 18, 2017 I’d far rather have a slug barrel brush gun that is a true brush gun, with We took five deer hunting scopes to the test in order to determine its quality and performance. thanks. Dont waste your time if you own a Remington rifle barrel slug gun. We are The Long Range Hunting AuthorityJan 27, 2008 · 5'1" 105 lbsher husband (that would be me) is getting into shooting and she's expressed an interest. The best thing I can do is name this Wisconsin made Henry 410 after a good old Missouri boy named Denny. That’s a head scratcher for sure. A big reason why this is the case is because it is not only a great lubricant, but it leaves behind a light natural smell that will not annoy you. Take a look at our guide for the some of the best options! For personal defense, many of us rely on a shotgun as a house or truck gun. He has used a Beretta Pintail for a slug gun for over 10 years with a Bushnell scope. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Gunbuyer. Minnie (99. The rubber slug has a muzzle velocity of about 600 FPS and is intended primarily for use at room distance. Its unique design locks the components together for groups as tight as 1. Read More . My primary shotgun is a Benelli M4 with a full length magazine tube. More deer are in the in the woods than at any other time of season. A host of new shotguns was introduced in 2017. 5: BENELLI SBE II SLUG GUN. Depending on the slug, the gun, and the shooter, most slug guns can be sighted in on target about 2 ½-inches high at 50 yards and should be dead on at 100 yards. Some may argue a slug gun only needs a simple set of iron sights to be effective. If you're a traditionalist who thinks the best deer rifles are as pretty as they are functional, the Patriot Revere deserves a look. Arguably the best production slug gun ever made, the A-Bolt was discontinued due to poor sales in 1999. Thanks for the help. Best 12g Slug for Smooth Bore? I've had the best experience with Brenneke rifled slugs. Sabot Slug. version of that same gun. Metal Slug or also known as Super Vehicle 001: Metal Slug is a 2006 Action, Side Scroller Run and Gun video game by Nazca Corporation. See what your options are in these Deer hunters who use slug guns out of preference or necessity will find these new models to be more accurate and easy to use than the slug guns of Following their recipe for success will improve your shotgun slug accuracy, too. An option I forgot to mention is a scoped inline muzzleloader. No one can tell you what the best slug is in YOUR shotgun. It features an AccuTrigger adjustable from 2 1/2 Gun Stocks; Rifle & Pistol Cases Best Muzzleloader Bullets of 2017. I have the 1300 in a dedicated slug gun they call their Black Shadow. 1/2/2017 Posts: 1 Member Details #12 Tyle_lo. They all shot pretty well, but the Remingtons were the most consistent groupers for me. 380 pocket pistol. 14 of us hunt with 12 Ga. The bolt-action platform is built like a rifle with features including the user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ system and a button-rifled, 22-inch, matte blued carbon steel barrel. protects the slug at ignition and seals the bore for consistent The 4 Best Slug Gun Scopes If you’re like hunting for deer and larger game, you’re probably a big fan of slug hunting. Slug guns are popular among hunters, especially in many states where rifle and buckshot ammunition are banned for deer hunting. 2lbs - Oh Santa!! #bestofthewest #huskemawoptics #longangestore. Here are the best options we found — a “top 10” list of today's best slug guns. Finding the right slug ammo for deer hunting is not overly difficult compared with. birdshot for home defense. 10 Best Shotguns Under $500. Can your slug gun shoot 4” groups 20 ga slug gun If this is your first visit, you will need to register before you are able to join in on a discussion. Guns Best New Ammo for 2017. It feels nice in my hands and against my shoulder. 6: WEATHERBY PA-08 08 SLUG GUN COMBO. I need a slug gun for MN deer hunting for my kid. But it was discontinued after just three years of production because, at $700 retail, it simply couldn’t compete with the Marlin 512, Mossberg 695 and Savage 210 on price. Maximum slug-gun performance Controlled-round-feed bolt Free-floating, precision button-rifled barrels Adjustable AccuTrigger These Savage Arms Model 220 and 212 Bolt-Action Slug Shotguns have the accuracy and deer-slaying feel of bolt-action centerfire rifles. I really dont hace an idea of what gun is the best so I decided to ask all of you guys for some help. They’re probably right though…the shotgun is the OG of the three things you want in a defensive gun:Dec 22, 2016 · I know that little 44 seems very small but with the right 44 and the right loads it is capable of stopping big bears. A basic field model might cost a couple hundred bucks, while a custom-built gun might cost tens of thousands of dollars. Rifled slugs are front 10 Quality Slug Guns Under $500. I'd probably First of all I think the Metal Slug series is one of the best in the run'n gun genre. The 220 Slug Gun is all you need on your next whitetail hunt if you live in a "slug state. I Just returned from Illinois for my first deer hunt in a slug gun only state. My most disliked game in the series is Metal Slug 4. New to Slug gun Discussion To offer the best products with unmatched customer service. Whether your rifle or slug gun Dubstep Gun. 2017 Browning 725 sporting 2016 Remington V3 MOSGB If you are tree stand hunting or blind hunting, maybe the slug gun isn't the best option. However, birdshot fails to penetrate effectively. My work shotgun is an 8+1 pump gun and the entire tube is loaded with best slug gun scope? Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by adcoch1, Apr 12, 2017. I shoot 3" Accutips in my Savage 220, not sure what CVA reccomends. In 2008 they are coming out with some new slug guns the use Ultragon rifling. I've owned two of the And although every day spent afield is a good one, mark these dates on the calendar as some of the best for 2017. And if you want just one gun, there are plenty of crossover and all-around models that will go seamlessly from the field to …The Savage® 220 F Bolt-Action Shotgun provides hunters with a modern, and superbly accurate slug gun they can use for deer hunting in slug only zones. You are looking for gun/ammo combinations to. In 11-27-2017 04:24 PM: The slug gun blues! I actually found this on another site and while I've only tried 3 of the brands the Remington Accu tips gave me the best Hornady SST Slug, 12 Gauge, 2 3/4 , FTX, 300 Grain, 5 Rounds is rated 4. 7: MOSSBERG 500 FLEX SLUGSTER. Was using the Hornady 250 gr. 2017 model in the unopened box 100% Thread in 'Trash Pile' started by Irondadrob, Feb 20, 2017. Remington Model 870 SPS Super Slug. Built on the legendary Savage 110 Before we look at what is the best scope for a slug gun, lets learn what makes a good sight for this weapon. These highly rated run and gun games are ordered by popularity, so only the greatest run and gun games are at the top of the list. 4: Browning A-Bolt Shotgun. A rifled slug barrel would be best suited for deer and hog hunting using slugs, and a field barrel with interchangeable choke tubes rated for steel shot would serve my needs for everything else from clays to quail, pheasants Grouping of shotgun slugs from a plain, bead-sighted single-barrel shotgun at best is 1 inch spread per ten yards of range. The quality in this design is top notch. 12-gauge slug load gave the exact same results. I will call in short name as Benelli Slug Gun For Sale For individuals who are trying to find Benelli Slug Gun For Sale review. My 12 ga. I've had the best experience with Brenneke rifled slugs. They have many versions take a look on their website at the ballistics. Back to the gun Information page. July 7, 2017 at 11:51. If you are like me and tired of missing the trophy due to inaccurate shots, this article has good news for you. Jan 4, 2015 I am looking to step up from throwing rifled slugs out of my duck gun, and . Bought the 12 guage version when I was in a power stage and it is just too much for me at a buck fifty when shooting long range. 2: WINCHESTER SX3 CANTILEVER BUCK. Two Gun Review; The . The A-Bolt was introduced in 1994 but didn’t hit dealers until March 1996. About $1000 but it is a rifle and performs as such. 410 slug works great on coyotes and 60 Hogs Down | Feral Hog Eradication with the Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Scope - Duration: 13:25. Top 8 Best Shotgun Ammo Guides – Mar 8, 2015. H&R Ultra slug 20g and the money you save vs the bolt guns top Oct 27, 2017 Slug shotguns where the rule of law, and as little kid, when my You need the right ammo in order to get the best from a smoothbore barrel. This gun is only available in 2017 and can be purchased in 20 or 28-gauge (MSRP of $4075), or as a combo with both 20 and 28-gauge Savage 220 SLUG GUN 20GA 22" 08/12/2017. On your next hunt, rely on a gun that delivers industry-leading accuracy and versatility throughout the seasons. Buying the savage 220 was one of the best firearm purchases I've ever made. Best Match. The BPS came with a scope mount but I love my iron sights and doubt I will ever put a scope on it. Why The Shotgun? “Oh, just get a shotgun with 00 buck. Had 3″ group at 100 yds. This list includes Super Time Force Ultra, Cally's Caves 4, 3D, Cuphead and 13 more for PC Windows. About $450. This 12 gauge slug from team never quit delivered text expansion and peration 20 gauge 2 75 in one savage 220 the best load by far was a federal barnes and i decided I decided that the most versatile gun would be a repeater and would best be served up with two interchangeable barrels. If you hit the deer where you're supposed to, with just about anything bigger than a pellet gun, you'll be fine. This was made by a korean company, if I remember correctly, and is a mess of reused sprites and unbalanced difficulty. At the end of our review, we will declare the best scope for deer hunting. 1: Savage 212 and 220. Point of impact is more important than accuracy. He has been looking and reading about the Nikon Slughunter 3-9x40. The 20ga Schrifle NeoTec Copper slug will also qualify as a “Green” non-toxic projectile for the areas that require a non-toxic slug. The two best shooting slug guns I've witnessed were: a Remington 1100 with an upgraded slug barrel and cantilever scope mount, shooting copper solid sabot slugs; and my H&R single shot slug gun in 20 gauge shooting Hornady sabots. A Lightfield rubber slug is the best 12 gauge home defense ammo option for people who want less-lethal ammunition. Our leather gun belt and belts with velcro brand closures make for the best gun belt. Cuts holes at 100 yards! There is much justification for going the other way when considering buckshot vs. What are the best shotguns for hunting deer? Update Cancel. As stated, the best slug is the one you hit the deer with. the best slug is the one that is the most accurate through your gun. Well since you said the best slug gun for the money, and as far as I am concerned ANY money. What's the best on the market for deer hunting 2017 #6. Durable construction can resist 1,000 rounds from a 12-gauge slug gun firing 3. The Stoeger® M3000R Slug Gun Semi-Auto Shotgun uses the reliable Inertia Driven® action to cycle either 2-3/4" or 3" shells without adjustment. that maverick had been collecting dust till I decided to build a slug gun. News. All are worthy of your attention. You need the right ammo in order to get the best from a smoothbore barrel. Thread Status: Jan 12, 2017 Messages: 677. I have a Hawke Slug gun scope The iconic blue turret of the Huskemaw Optics' scope was developed by Best of the West's team in an endeavor to make long range hunting easier and without the need to understand ballistics. 308 shooter , Dec 12, 2017 #22 The best holster works when supported by a proper gun belts. Think a 20 gauge shotgun slug lacks power? You'd better watch this video of these 300 yard deer kills. More. Monster01 , Dec 30, 2017 Monster01 , Dec 30, 2017 View Poll Results: Minnie ball Vs Foster Slug 12 I get best accuracy from my 58 cal is with a charge of FFG behind a 530 gr. Yes a smooth bore with a foster slug MIGHT get you The best PC games of 2017 (so far) as is the fact that your first “gun” is good mostly for building platforms and Whether it’s a city contained within a dimension-spanning slug, an 12 ga slug for smooth bore and rifled barrel? rifled slug or sabot? So long as I find what slug the gun likes. you’d be well advised to get a slug gun and Best Hunt & Fish Times blacktail or mule deer — there are great choices for the 2017 season. Sign me up for Cheaper Than Dirt Email Updates about new services and special offers! over/under, and side-by-side shotguns at the best prices. 5 x 10 scope mounted on cantilever. This is a last ditch type hunt should he not score with his bow. It was Remington. Offered in 12- and 20-gauge models, each slug gun features the ComforTech ® recoil reduction system . smooth bore slug gun with no optics? best. A rifled barrel with a sabot is the only way to go. If this finds you clinging to your slug gun in the face of the straight-walled cartridge onslaught, or living somewhere where slugs are still required by law, fear not. These are current offerings. Although I don’t see anything that really distinguishes it from a lot of other 1911 pistols already on the market, I do look forward to seeing the gun for myself. Top Our Pick For Best Shotgun Scopes For Hunting In 2017 Arguably the best production slug gun ever made, the A-Bolt was discontinued due to poor sales in 1999. Here are 12 options for 2017. savage 220 forum not accutip 2017, tc encore 20 guage slug barrel accuracy. Many states allow these along with a slug gun and one can get at least as good of accuracy and range as with the best slug gun combo. Benelli shotguns with rifled slug barrels deliver the accuracy and performance deer hunters seek. Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2017 This is a list of the best run and gun games of all time for any console or system, including cover art pictures when available. Hunting with slug guns is a bit tricky due to distance variation. Given the two options, which is best for today’s deer hunter Shotguns – Slug gun accuracy, courtesy of precision-made rifled slug barrels and improvements in ammunition by companies such as Winchester, has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 to 20 years. Best slug gun IMO would be the NEF Ultra Slug Hunter in the 20 guage. meatcleaver meatcleaver. All Gun Care We’ve built the industry’s finest rifled slug guns for years, but our new 12-gauge Model 870™ SPS™ SuperSlug advances deer So what sight is the best for your shotgun? Williams Gun Sight Fire Sights available for Remington 11-87/1100/870, Mossberg 500, Winchester 1300 and Browning BPS SST Sabot Slug Ammo I purchased a case of these (250) several months ago for indoor practice during the winter months. bolt release, and bolt handle to improve ergonomics. It will feature a 5″ match barrel and be chambered in . Deer Hunting: The Best New Products from SHOT 2017. 308 and . These hunters nail their deer with a 20 gauge shotgun way out there. Savage 220 Slug Shotgun Detachable Box Magazine Cable Lock Ear Plugs Owner’s Manual The Slug Gun is the ideal tool for the backcountry hunter who’s ready to bag to the big one. Many semi-automatic shotguns or 'pump-action' shotguns are available for today's gun user. They are much cheaper to shoot, especially when comparing to many of the top end sabots. Top Slug Guns. A deer barrel with rifle sights is the appropriate platform for this round. HP Rifled Slug Ammo . Best Coon Hunting Lights : The Nikon Slug hunter is very easy to use and the BDC is dead on after a bit of adjustment and zeroing. Fully rifled 2017 Slug Gun Digest “It’s easier to get what you want, when you’re talking to people that understand what you need. Select the slug ammunition for your 20-gauge smoothbore that will give you the best accuracy. Joined: Nov 2017 Posts: 52 It likes the plain cheap standard Green Remingtons best. with a Vortexx 3. What would be the best starter gun/gage with respect to recoil and general shootability for such a little lady?The best scope for AR 10 needs to have several qualities to up your hunting skills. What would be the best starter gun/gage with respect to recoil and general shootability for such a little lady? The best scope for AR 10 needs to have several qualities to up your hunting skills. by Doug Howlett - Friday, October 28, 2011. and utilizes a detachable box magazine. You could spend $50 in ammo just to find out that it doesn't work in your case A . With a super cool sense of humor, amazing hand drawn visuals, hardcore side scrolling action, adventure and a blasting nature, Metal Slug is one of the mega Hits of the time. It is usually recommended to shoot them while they are flying. Wondering what works best for your guys and if anyone else deals with inaccurate guns? November 14th, 2017 at 07:05 AM just go buy a savage 220 slug gun and Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Gun It’s fairly light at just over 6. With a super cool sense of humor, amazing hand drawn visuals, hardcore side scrolling action, adventure and a blasting nature, Metal Slug …4 Best Places to Buy Ammo Online [2018] 4 Best Places to Buy Ammo Online [2018]Dec 08, 2006 · He shoots 5 clays in the air at once, then demonstrates the punt gun on 128 clay pigeons. Ultra Slugs have misfire problems but both of the 20 Ga. Best Match Pro Shot 20 Gauge Shotgun / Slug Gun 100% Cotton Bore Mop Brass The draconian shotgun slug-only hunting rules are being abolished in many states. The Battle of the Best Semi-Auto Shotguns for 2019 – The Winner Is…. UltraSlug, rigged with a LimbSaver recoil pad and a 3x9 Nikon SlugHunter scope will consistently shoot a single ragged hole at 100 yds. It seems that this particular gun/choke tube system prefers 3-inch, foster slug loads which is something to keep in mind during future load development projects. This laser etched matches a specific load in a specific gun and environment. 5 pounds, hits the shoulder well and swings with the best of them. A slug gun is a shotgun that uses slugs most appropriate for short-range game hunts or bird hunting. The one ounce slug, fired from a 2-3/4-inch Federal, Remington, or Winchester shell, has a one shot stopping success of 98%. The best of today's slugs and slug guns can deliver accuracy as good as many ordinary hunting rifles out to 100 yards, 150 yards, and even beyond. The redux of the Browning A-Bolt slug gun is in 12 gauge only, so if the A-Bolt is what you want you don't have a choice of gauge. We work hard to bring the best Firearms Forum Find great deals on eBay for 20 gauge slug gun. Had a customer come in and ask me what the best slug gun for deer hunting was, for the best money. Online Videos Learn About Our Products with our monthly videos 12 Gauge 3" Slug Shotgun Shells. This is one slug gun that I will never get rid of. top new controversial old random q Optics are kind of a waste on a slug H&R Ultra Slug Hunter Shotgun Review. 3: REMINGTON 870 SPS SHURSHOT SYNTHETIC SUPER SLUG. In “Slug Up! Shotgun Ammo Choices for Self Defense,” Bob Campbell defends his favored choice of self-defense shotgun ammo—the shotgun slug. Is Your Slug Gun Ready for Deer Season? A great place to start your search for the best slug in your shotgun is with the Federal Premium Trophy Copper Slug. Man do they hit hard. Redefine slug accuracy with the 220 Slug Gun Camo. The gun weighs in at 7. Best Bucks of the Month Best Fit: If you already own an Encore and hunt in a "slug state," adding a rifled slug barrel is a no-brainer. I tried to sign up for Vietnam once, but I was only 13 years old at the time, and the recruiter laughed at me

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